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The TRUTH about my online programs

When potential clients learn about my ONLINE training programs, they occasionally reply with:

  • "Shouldn't someone be here, to see me, to tell me what to do?"

  • "How would I know that I'm doing the right thing?" 

  • "How would I know that I'm not making mistakes?" 

With obedience training (sit, down, stay, come, etc), results are very black and white (ie: did the dog DO it, or NOT do it... did we do it "right," or did we do it "wrong?"). However, with behavioral training, we are often working with stressed out, overwhelmed, adrenalized, emotional dogs, and the training process is a gradual one! Behavioral training is different than obedience training. Emotions aren't "right or wrong." Emotions aren't "black and white." So, how the heck can we expect this to be "perfect?" 

Expect it to be messy! 

Give yourself permission to do it WRONG. You'll get better at it, as you DO it... as you TRY it. 

Just do it average, from the start. Give it a go. 

Don't be frozen in uncertainty. Just give it a go!

In the first week or two, anything better than "messy" is actually fantastic!

Seriously! 🙂

Your comfort with implementing the training, as well as your dog's ability to relax and cope with stress, will get better as you go.

If the fear of *doing it wrong* holds you back, then you might be dealing with the SAME behavioral problems months or years from now. And, if you're anything like me, the idea OF THAT is far worse than *messing up* while we give it a go.

~ Kate Walker

P.S. If your dog displays problematic social behavior around other people (guests, kids, strangers) and/or other animals (cats, dogs, livestock, etc), then register for my free Socialization Masterclass, HERE!


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