Drastically improve your dog's bad behavior within 10 days!


The Ultimate Daily Discovery

What if you never felt stressed and overwhelmed about your dog's bad behavior ever again?

With The Ultimate Daily Discovery, there is no need to feel hopeless. With this program, you'll learn how to implement powerful discovery techniques to help your dog feel calm and comfortable within their environment, and therefore your dog will develop new and different [better!] behavior within 10 days.

You can [and will!] relieve stress for you and your dog!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training


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The Ultimate Daily Discovery 5-Star Review

👉 Do you feel overwhelmed? Or embarrassed?
👉 Do you wish that your dog would behave better?
👉 What if there was a way for your dog to learn to be calm?
👉 What if there was a way to relieve daily stress?

This is all possible, and it's exactly why I created the:

The Ultimate Daily Discovery

Drastically improve your dog's bad behavior within 10 days!

Watch this video to learn about a DOZEN benefits of:

The Ultimate Daily Discovery

1) Help decrease reactive barking
2) Help dogs who are fearful, suspicious, intimidated, or overwhelmed feel comfortable
3) Help dogs cope with guest arrival
4) Help dogs learn to be calm when you go inside or when you go outside (excitable moments!)
5) Help comfort and calm dogs in new locations (parks, hotels, vet offices, grooming salons)
6) Help improve separation anxiety for dogs who are overly attached or dependent 
7) Help dogs succeed during meet-and-greets (helpful for dogs when they meet new people!) 
8) Help diminish prey drive (predacious hunting behavior toward squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs...)
9) Help dogs learn to remain in your yard (rather than venturing off-property)
10) Help off-leash dogs learn to remain on a trail (rather than running through the brush)
11) Help shift the location of where a dog will play or potty (use the whole yard... not the patio!)
12) Help dogs overcome hesitations about walking on stairs or across certain flooring


Now, only $34

Lock in this low price today!
The price will be going up soon!

Do you think that your dog would benefit?

Are you ready to relieve stress and enjoy time spent with your dog?


Good news!

I do not need to see (with my own eyes) your dog behave poorly (in-person) to know how to help!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

Right now, you are struggling with one (or more) of the following:

  • A dog who may be anxious or stressed in some situations

  • A dog who may bark at people or other dogs

  • A dog who may struggle to relax in different environments

  • A dog who may get wound up or adrenalized when guests arrive

  • A dog who may get excited when entering or exiting the house

  • A dog who may be hesitant or uncomfortable in new spaces or around new people and new animals

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

Imagine if:

  • Your dog was calm and relaxed

  • Your dog was happy and content

  • Your dog was curious and confident

  • Your dog would settle more easily

  • Your dog would behave and be less impulsive

  • Your dog was less stressed and overwhelmed with the world

What would that do for YOU?!


Let's make these possibilities a reality with:

The Ultimate Daily Discovery

The Incredible K9 Dog Training


Now, only $34

Lock in this low price today!
The price will be going up soon!

Hi! I'm Kate Walker

I’m a professional dog trainer! I have been an educator of all things science and dogs for over 10 years. I have traveled all over the United States and learned from the most successful dog trainers, and I have always gravitated toward those who could solve the most limiting and problematic behaviors. 


The truth is --

Dogs are emotional beings (just like us!) and dogs who struggle with behavioral issues have emotional problems.

Kate Walker The Incredible K9 Dog Training

The good news is that dogs are capable of learning how to cope with stress and manage their emotions. I’ve been on a quest to solve problematic behaviors while emphasizing and maintaining compassion for a dog’s emotional state and well-being. 


In simpler words -- 


I care what the dog thinks about and how the dog feels.

The system that I use for developing emotionally resilient dogs begins with The Ultimate Daily Discovery. I will teach you how to drastically improve your dog’s emotional problems within 10 days. I want to share this program with more people, so that [starting today] you can relieve stress for you and your dog! (no matter where you live!)

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

A Dozen (12)
Daily Discoveries

24 educational videos, each no more than
5 minutes in length! Concise videos, on purpose! Life is hectic!
No need to attempt to escape for 2 hours of uninterrupted time. See and listen to all 12 Daily Discovery opportunities.

When you join 

The Ultimate Daily Discovery

you'll receive:


You’ll be able to see
and read the content... underline, highlight,
and take notes while
you listen and watch. Follow along with the videos (with ease)
and never lose track
of where you left off!


The content is summarized so that
any other adult in the household can quickly get-in-the-loop(!) and “catch up” after they
start wondering why
the dog is behaving
so much better!!


Show mastery of the content by checking
your knowledge!

3 Bonus Articles

Being an educator
taught me that we all have different learning styles, so 3 written
bonus articles are provided! 🙂Let that knowledge sink in!

Game Plan

Feel accomplished
by tracking your
daily efforts!


Now, only $34

Lock in this low price today!
The price will be going up soon!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

The Ultimate Daily Discovery

is right for you, if you are one of the following:

1. New to training

  • Is this your first dog? Or, have you owned dogs for your entire life but never needed to find a dog training program?! Not all dogs need intentional or organized training, but there's always *that* dog who is *a little different than the rest*. (I've owned my fair share of difficult dogs, and that's why I've been able to discover what actually works!)

  • Is your dog just a puppy? Or a grey-muzzled senior? Any age and any breed will benefit!

    • The oldest dogs that I've trained were a pair of 11 and 13-year-old Schnauzers!

    • The smallest dog that I've trained was a 5-pound Biewer Terrier from Russia! 

2. Tried training before

  • Have you been learning from another local dog trainer, or even from YouTube, but are still struggling to find success?

  • Do you feel like you've "tried it all"? Or, do you feel like "nothing works"?

  • Or, would you describe your dog as obedient, but not well-behaved?

  • If you haven’t found success after doing all of the work that you’ve done, then I promise you, this will be different! If you’ve tried adding obedience, or extra walks, or fancy front-clip harnesses, calming collars, prescription medication, more “structure”, “rules”, or “leadership”, AND you’re still struggling?... gosh! Then all the more reason to switch it all up!

3. Looking for a new and different training approach

  • Have you ever felt like "something is missing"? Or, are you looking for "something more"?

  • Maybe you feel this way because you are dedicated and committed to giving your dog the absolute best life. Maybe you are looking for a more holistic, kind, or mindful approach.

  • If you feel this way, then you are not alone, because these feelings are what called upon me to find and teach a new and different system of dog training. I am so glad that you are here!


How does this work?

Step 1

Purchase The Ultimate Daily Discovery here!
Please double-check that you enter a valid email address.

Step 2

Check your email inbox for login details!
Your password will be your email address. 

Step 3

Complete the modules - you have instant access!

Step 4

Implement Daily Discoveries over the course of the next 10 days to drastically improve your dog’s bad behavior!

Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

These dogs would benefit from:

The Ultimate Daily Discovery

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

The Reactive Dog

This dog alerts to every darn thing… a car door closing, a creaky house, the “I-can-hear-it-coming-from-down-the-street" UPS truck, and the most dangerous public employee of all time, the mailman! Let's decrease the frequency and intensity of barking from The Reactive Dog.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

The Hyper Dog

This dog is like a ping-pong ball… or a bull in the china shop... jumping, and bouncing, and spinning, and chasing… Does this dog feel like a toddler stuck in the “terrible 2s”? Always moving, often hyper, obsessive to make and find fun [or trouble]? I feel your pain! Let’s help calm The Excitable Dog!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

The Anxious Dog

This dog may pant, and pace, or salivate heavily… An anxious dog can be jittery, whiney, clingy, and nervous… one who is uncertain about the world and the changes that [can routinely and predictably] occur every single day. Anxiety never feels good, for the dog or for you! Let’s resolve some anxiety for The Anxious Dog.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

The Fearful Dog

This dog may tremble, or crouch, maybe with a tucked tail… who retreats or hides, wide-eyed and uncertain. It’s possible that nothing bad has ever happened to this dog, or, it’s possible that something bad must have happened to this dog. Either way, this dog shows fear of the environment or of something happening within the environment. Let’s create some comfort for The Fearful Dog.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

The Aggressive Dog

This dog may bark, growl, snarl, or show its teeth. You may be thinking, "Is my dog aggressive?" or "Do I have an aggressive dog?" A dog who is showing aggressive tendencies is quite stressed about something or someone (and therefore, it's stressful for you, too)! Let's begin to resolve this stress for you and for The Aggressive Dog!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

The Insatiable Dog

This dog doesn't relax until about 9:00pm... and you (and the dog) feel exhausted! *heavy sigh* If you stood up from the couch, this dog would already be asking, “Where are we going?!” [Nowhere!] This dog has plenty of exercise, but still won't settle! If your dog can’t settle, can YOU even settle? How hectic does your day feel? It’s time to feel a sense of relief in your life with The Insatiable Dog!

The Incredible K9 5-Star Review
The Incredible K9 5-Star Review
The Incredible K9 5-Star Review
The Incredible K9 5-Star Review
The Incredible K9 5-Star Review
The Incredible K9 5-Star Review
The Incredible K9 5-Star Review
The Incredible K9 5-Star Review
The Incredible K9 5-Star Review

There is no need to travel long distances anymore. You can get started TODAY! The same content that was always taught in-person, is now taught online!

This is a super simple, highly beneficial training program! 


Do you have questions? Check out these FAQs!

What if my dog is a picky eater?

Daily Discoveries will help build food drive and motivation! Daily Discoveries involve mental activation and physical movement. These daily activities stimulate a dog’s natural desire and instinct to seek and find. With a dog’s natural [incredible] ability to smell, they’ll become happy to participate in Daily Discoveries. If your dog is super picky, substitute a higher-value food for a couple of days.

When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

It starts as soon as you join! This is self-paced, with instant access! Everything is available online. You can start TODAY! Or tomorrow! Or next week! (Though, my vote is for starting sooner rather than later!)

How many minutes per day will this training program require?

Daily Discoveries are so simple! It will require 1-5 minutes of your time each day. Any additional time involved (maybe an extra 10 minutes?) just requires hanging out and observing your dog’s behavior.

What if my dog eats too fast and needs a special slow-feeder bowl?

That’s not a problem! Dogs will eat slowly during Daily Discoveries. They’ll probably consume the food SLOWER than they would with the special slow-feeder bowl.

What if my dog refuses to eat sometimes?

That may be an indication that your dog experiences some stress! I use food consumption as an indicator of (ie: as a tool to diagnose) stress levels! Is your dog overwhelmed, suspicious, fearful, or intimidated at your home, by other people in your home, or by events happening at your home? If so, this means that The Ultimate Daily Discovery will be very helpful for your dog! We want your dog to become comfortable enough to eat regardless of what's happening in the environment. I would absolutely recommend The Ultimate Daily Discovery to anyone whose dog experiences stress and therefore refuses to eat. We want to resolve those emotional problems as soon as possible!

How many days until I see improvement in my dog’s behavior?

Every dog is different (genetics, hormones, past traumas, etc) but I regularly see improvement within days. Plus, if you start The Ultimate Daily Discovery NOW and then begin with the next course soon after, improvement will come sooner than later!

Wouldn’t working with a trainer, in-person, be better than online?

It’s a common misconception that a dog trainer needs to see (with their own eyes) bad dog behavior to know HOW to fix it. This is just simply not the case (but someone might tell you that!). A therapist would not need to see someone cry in order to know how to help solve the stress. Behavioral problems are emotional problems. There are far more similarities in dogs than there are differences. For example, I’ve seen thousands of dogs bark at other dogs (among a lot of other bad behaviors), however the solutions to the problem behaviors involve the same process with each and every dog. If any behavior is a problem for you and your dog, then let’s get started on resolving it. I don’t need to see the barking, growling, lunging, trembling, or insecure behavior in order to help, and that’s exactly why I’ve created online programs! The incredible benefit of an online program is that you can pause a video at any time and take a break, make dinner, mow the lawn, go to bed, take care of the kids, etc. You don’t need to clear your schedule, clean the house, take off work, find a babysitter, drive for an hour, or anything else for that matter! You can watch these videos at midnight if you’d like! You can rewatch these videos for added clarity at any time, and you have the opportunity to take notes along the way. None of this would be possible with a barking dog and a leash in your hands.

What if I am waiting to work with another local, in-person, dog trainer?

If you are waiting, then you are wasting valuable time! And, during that “down time”, you still experience (and tolerate!) stress EVERY SINGLE DAY. This stress is what influenced you to find a dog trainer in the first place! The good news is that you can purchase The Ultimate Daily Discovery TODAY and also get started with these concepts TODAY. By the time that you begin training with any local dog trainer, your dog’s behavior could already be improved… and that’s beneficial for all 3 of you (yourself, your dog, AND your dog trainer)!!

What if I have already worked with another dog trainer?

I regularly work with owners who have trained with multiple dog trainers before finding these solutions to their dog’s behavioral [emotional] problems. I have found that most dog training systems ignore a dog's emotional problems, and focus instead on “do as I say”. Therefore, the emotional problem (excitability, reactivity, impulsivity, fear, anxiety) STILL EXISTS. The dog’s true nature, stressors, habits, and inability to relax and calm have yet to be impacted. There is so much more that we can do together. Welcome! I’m so glad that you’re here.

Does this program work for puppies and/or adult dogs?

Yes! This program will work for a dog of any age (or any breed)!

Does this dog training involve food?

Yes! Your dog’s Daily Discoveries will utilize whatever food your dog currently eats. If your dog eats kibble, then use kibble! And better yet, substitute a higher-value food for Daily Discoveries, like a small, easily edible treat! All of my dog training food recommendations are linked in the course, and you have so many options for which type of food that you’d like to use! If you currently feed your dog, then Daily Discoveries will work for you!

Imagine how life could be, only 10 days from now:

  • Your dog could be better behaved 

  • Your dog could be less reactive

  • Your dog could be more relaxed in your house and yard

  • Your dog could be more comfortable and calm when guests arrive

  • Your dog could feel safe and secure with you, in your home

NOW is the time to take action. There is no need to give your dog "more time" to practice bad habits. Create new and different behavior TODAY with...

The Ultimate Daily Discovery!

Drastically improve your dog's bad behavior within 10 days!

What if you never felt stressed and overwhelmed about your dog's bad behavior ever again?

With The Ultimate Daily Discovery, there is no need to feel hopeless. You'll learn how to implement powerful discovery techniques to help your dog feel calm and comfortable within their environment, and therefore your dog will develop new and different [better!] behavior within 10 days.

You can [and will!] relieve stress for you and your dog!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training


Now, only $34

Lock in this low price today!
The price will be going up soon!