Dog Training

Begin Dog Training by choosing 1 of the 3 following options:

1.5-Hour Dog Training Lesson 
  • Get started with training as soon as possible: TODAY! 

  • You'll receive MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS to instructional videos and training PDFs, which means that you can actually begin training your puppy or adult dog as soon as possible. If you are ready to start, then there is no need to wait another day.

  • TODAY, learn about the easiest relaxation technique, proven to benefit any dog, and have a calmer dog this week!

  • See dramatic improvements in your dog's behavior before the first lesson even occurs!

  • Then, during the initial private lesson, training will continue with methods specific to your dog's greatest needs and discussion can occur regarding complete Training Programs, if necessary. 

Lessons are scheduled at Kate's home in Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania, just 10 minutes from State College, Pennsylvania.

30-Minute Evaluation 
  • Do you want to meet Kate?

  • Do you want Kate to meet your dog?

  • Are you interested in an assessment of your dog's behavior?

  • Do you want to talk about what the training process would involve? 

Evaluations are scheduled at Kate's home in Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania, just 10 minutes from State College, Pennsylvania.

Kate can shed light on what a stress-free life could be like for you. There is hope!

10-Minute Phone Call 
  • Have you read through the FAQs, but still have a couple of questions?

  • Do you want to know if your dog could benefit from training?

  • Schedule a free 10-minute phone call to receive answers!

The Foundation Program is available after the initial 1.5-Hour Dog Training Lesson:

Foundation Program


The Foundation Program is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs, and is focused on behavioral training. This program is designed to teach relaxation, and create a balanced, healthy, well-behaved dog. We address the underlying issues of excitability, reactivity, anxiety, and aggression. For puppies who don't display these types of behaviors, we'll get them "started off on the right foot" before undesired behaviors become habit. Dogs thrive on routine, and training is never a one-time event’s a lifestyle! This program begins that lifestyle! There is a saying, “obedience training allows you to tell your dog what to do, but behavior training teaches your dog how to be”. This program addresses the mindset of the dog, so that they can learn to “just be”.

  • During the Foundation Program, we focus on and address:​​

    • Excitability
    • Insecurity
    • Touch sensitivity
    • Poor leash manners, reactivity
    • Creating a calm demeanor
    • Anxiety, inability to settle and relax
    • Jumping on guests or counter surfing
    • Biting, mouthing, digging, destruction
    • Excessive barking, whining, crate training
    • Waiting at thresholds (door, car, crate, etc)
    • Building a positive and respectful relationship
    • Physical, mental, and confidence-building exercises
    • And anything else that your dog is struggling with!


  • This program includes:

    • (4) 1-hour private lessons, completed within a 6-week period

    • Continued support with follow-up emails, text, and/or phone support, as needed.

    • Detailed videos and PDFs for you and the family to review following lessons.

    • Access to private YouTube videos and to the private Facebook group "The Incredible K9: Dog Behavior Solutions & Training Support" for additional online dog training education.