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  • Struggling to get your dog to settle down and relax?

  • Frustrated or embarrassed when your dog gets too crazy and energetic?

  • Or, are you overwhelmed by your dog's hyper behavior around other people or animals?

Introducing the...

Off-Switch System!

With this online mini-course, you can cut through the chaos and implement this proven relaxation training technique to help your energetic dog learn how to calm down

Off-Switch System Online Dog Training The Incredible K9


Now, only $47

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The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

Are you frustrated with your dog's behavior?

👉 Too energetic?
👉 Plays too rough?
👉 Cannot calm down?
👉 Runs around the house?

👉 Behaves poorly around others?

Do you find yourself thinking:

👉 I can't keep dealing with this.
👉 I've got to find a dog trainer!
👉 I need help!

Figuring out how to train your dog shouldn't be so difficult. 

With the Off-Switch System, we will teach your dog how to calm down!

Grab a copy today... the price goes up soon!

Testimonial of Off-Switch System mini-course by Kate Walker The Incredible K9
Testimonial of Off-Switch System mini-course by Kate Walker The Incredible K9
The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

Hi! I'm Kate Walker!

I understand how it feels to live with a dog who isn't behaving well! I'm a teacher by trade, but I became a dog trainer as a result of owning difficult dogs myself.

I have been an educator of all things science and dogs since 2010. I've studied with the most successful dog trainers in the United States, and the truth is --

The dogs who "need dog training" are the most energetic dogs. Behavioral problems and energetic problems go hand-in-hand. Big problems do not happen when energy is low... Big problems happen when energy is high!

Kate Walker Dog Trainer The Incredible K9

The good news is that we can lower these baseline energetic levels!


In simpler words -- 


We can absolutely teach your dog how to RELAX! (Thank goodness, right!?) 🙂

The system that I use for significantly improving and resolving behavioral problems includes the Off-Switch System. I want to share this online mini-course with you, so that [starting today] you can find the peace and sanity that you've been looking for (no matter where you live)!

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Kate Walker Dog Trainer Testimonial Review The Incredible K9
The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

Right now, your dog isn't behaving well.

You feel like your dog's behavior is negatively affecting your life:

  • "My dog is driving me nuts!"

  • "Nothing is working!"

  • "This dog is nothing like my last dog."

  • "Life would be a lot easier if my dog would just chill out sometimes!"

  • Or, "I can't keep dealing with this behavior, something has got to change..."

And, you just need a little bit of help to get started!

Imagine if:

  • Your dog was more calm and relaxed

  • Your dog would settle more easily in the house

  • Your dog was more polite around others

  • Your dog was less impulsive and less energetic


What would that do for YOU?!

I have a solution, and I don't need to see your dog (with my own eyes, in-person) to know how to help!

You can make these possibilities a reality with the:

Off-Switch System!

Off-Switch System Online Dog Training Kate Walker The Incredible K9


Now, only $47

Lock in this low price today!
The price goes up very soon!

The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training


Off-Switch System

is right for you, if you are one of the following:

1. New to training

  • Is this your first dog? Or, have you owned dogs for your entire life but never needed to find a dog training program?! Not all dogs need intentional or organized training, but there's always *that* dog who is *a little different than the rest*. (I've owned my fair share of difficult dogs, and that's why I've been able to discover what actually works!)

  • Is your dog just a puppy? Or a grey-muzzled senior? Any age and any breed will benefit!

    • The oldest dogs that I've trained were a pair of 11 and 13-year-old Schnauzers!

    • The smallest dog that I've trained was a 5-pound Biewer Terrier from Russia! 

2. Tried training before

  • Have you been learning from another local dog trainer, or even from YouTube, but are still struggling to find success?

  • Do you feel like you've "tried it all"? Or, do you feel like "nothing works"?

  • Or, would you describe your dog as obedient, but not well-behaved?

  • If you haven’t found success after doing all of the work that you’ve done, then I promise you, this will be different! If you’ve tried adding obedience, or extra walks, or fancy front-clip harnesses, calming collars, prescription medication, more “structure”, “rules”, or “leadership”, AND you’re still struggling?... gosh! Then all the more reason to switch it all up!

3. Looking for a new and different training approach

  • Have you ever felt like "something is missing"? Or, are you looking for "something more"?

  • Maybe you feel this way because you are dedicated and committed to giving your dog the absolute best life. Maybe you are looking for a more holistic, kind, or mindful approach.

  • If you feel this way, then you are not alone, because these feelings are what called upon me to find and teach a new and different system of dog training. I am so glad that you are here!

The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

These dogs would benefit from the:

Off-Switch System!

Reactive Dog

The Reactive Dog

It feels like this dog barks at everything… a car door closing, a creaky house, the UPS truck, and the mailman! Reactive dogs are energetically roused from rest by almost anything. Let's help The Reactive Dog learn to relax!

Hyper Excitable Dog

The Hyper, Excitable Dog

This dog is like a ping-pong ball… or a bull in the china shop... jumping, and bouncing, and spinning, and chasing… Does this dog ever settle down? Often excitable and occasionally overbearing! Let’s help calm The Hyper, Excitable Dog!

Leash Pulling Dog

The Leash Pulling Dog

This dog may pull hard on the leash toward cars, bikes, children, squirrels, motorcycles, bunnies, other dogs, and more! Walking this dog may be slightly challenging or even practically impossible, at times. Let’s develop more polite behavior for The Leash Pulling Dog.

Aggressive Dog

The Aggressive Dog

This dog may bark, growl, snarl, or start a fight. A dog who is showing aggressive tendencies is definitely experiencing emotional and energetic challenges! Let's begin to resolve these problems for you and for The Aggressive Dog!

Anxious Dog

The Anxious Dog

This dog may pace around the house and can be jittery, whiney, clingy, and overwhelming… Sometimes an anxious dog makes YOU feel anxious, too. Let’s resolve this restlessness for The Anxious Dog.

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When you join the

Off-Switch System

you'll electronically receive:

Training Strategy

My system of behavioral training involves three relaxation training strategies, and this mini-course teaches the easiest one of them all! The lessons in this mini-course effectively and efficiently teach one strategy that would typically fill one 2-hour private lesson!

5-Day Challenge

Remain motivated and accountable through our 5-day automated challenge! You'll receive one email, each day, for 5 days. These emails include inspiration, insight, and additional training tips. Make great progress within the first week!

Strategy Summary

The content is summarized so that
any other adult in the household can quickly get-in-the-loop(!) and “catch up” after they
start wondering why
your dog is behaving
so much better!!

Data Log

Feel accomplished
by tracking your
daily efforts! Record your dog's success so that you can easily identify progress.


Show mastery of the content by quizzing yourself as you progress through the mini-course!


Now, only $47

Lock in this low price today!
The price goes up very soon!

The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

The Relaxation Training Plan

Step 1
Step 2

Check your email inbox for login details!

Step 3

Complete the online lessons - you have instant access to the content!

If you complete this mini-course, implement the relaxation training technique, and still are not satisfied with what you've learned, then qualify for our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee! After those 30 days, you're stuck with us! (Though, I think you'll see that's a very good thing! 😉) Extra details are here!

30-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Off-Switch System Online Dog Training Kate Walker The Incredible K9
The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

I know that you don't want to keep dealing with the same issues with your dog... day. after. day... And, I know that you wouldn't want:

Red exclamation mark.png

To waste any time

Red exclamation mark.png

To waste any money

Red exclamation mark.png

To continue piecing together "tidbits" of information from "here and there"

We are going to teach your dog how to relax at times when your dog would typically be driving. you. crazy!

The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

Imagine life with a more chill dog!

Kate Walker Dog Trainer The Incredible K9 Testimonial Review
Time icon.png

Save time.

Money icon (1).png

Save money.

Green checkmark icon.png

Get started today.

Learn what to do and how to do it.

Return to a life with
more peace and less chaos!


Now, only $47

Lock in this low price today!
The price goes up very soon!

The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

Do you have questions? Check out these FAQs!

  • How far do you travel?
    I travel within 30 minutes of my home in Pleasant Gap, PA 16823!
  • Do you train really difficult or challenging dogs?
    Yes, I do! I recommend my behavioral training program, Social Dog Mastery™️ for dogs who display any of these behaviors: 1. More intense reactivity, leash aggression 2. Undesired behavior toward other dogs, kids, cats, livestock, vets, etc 3. General anxiety, confinement anxiety (crate), car anxiety 4. Thunderstorm phobia, sound sensitivity (fireworks, etc), fearfulness 5. Difficulty with guest arrival (growling, barking, charging toward, etc)
  • Do you train puppies?
    Yes! The Loose Leash Foundation Program™️ is suitable for puppies 6 months and older. The Off-Leash Evolution Program™️ is suitable for puppies 9 months and older.
  • Does training cost more for multiple dogs?
    If you own multiple dogs, who all live together and who need training, then additional dogs are added at a discounted rate. We can discuss the dynamics in a multi-dog household during a Next Step Phone Call! :)
  • Do my dog's vaccinations need to be up-to-date?
    Yes. Prior to your very first in-home lesson, the contract and up-to-date vaccination records will need to be submitted online. I require all dogs to be vaccinated, and up-to-date, against Rabies and Distemper/Parvo (Distemper/Parvo is commonly listed as DA2PP, DH2PP, DA2PPC, or DAPP). These are routine vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations (copy of vet bill will suffice) may be attached to the contract, or emailed to me as an attachment (especially if the file is too big to attach to the contract). You can take a photo of your vet bill with your cell phone and attach that photo to the contract (or email that photo), as long as the vet bill can still easily be read. If you are unable to get up-to-date vaccination records, online programs could be a great option for you! Otherwise, feel free to send me an email with your concerns:
  • How are lessons scheduled on the calendar?
    We will determine a time and day of the week that is available for both of us, and then this time is blocked off on the calendar, for many weeks, as "your time." For example, imagine that Mondays from 1:00pm-2:30pm works for both of us. This time will be “your time” every Monday, from 1:00-2:30pm, for the duration of the training program. So, if we were completing the Loose Leash Foundation Program™️, then we’ll complete 3 lessons together within 4 weeks time, so I'll reserve "your time" for 4 back-to-back weeks. That extra week allows us to have some “wiggle room” to “skip” a week if severe weather, holiday travel, or illness interfere with our training efforts on any given week. Blocking off "your time" also allows for a consistent, predictable, weekly training time without always needing to “check the schedule”.
  • What happens if a lesson needs to be canceled or changed?
    We are all too busy, too sick, or traveling, at times! That’s life, and it’s completely understandable! Lessons can be changed or canceled with more than 24 hours in advance by emailing me: If you know that you'll need to change a lesson, then please let me know as soon as possible. Because we have an extra week of time built into the timeline, when conflicts arise, a week may just need to be “skipped” and we’ll resume again the following week, at our regular time. Lessons are often skipped around the holidays and the timeline is adjusted/lengthened to accommodate any necessary holiday time off.
  • What happens if I don’t use all of my program lessons within the timeline?
    If all lessons aren’t used within the allotted timeline, then you may lose that predictable weekly time slot, because another client may be waiting for that lesson time to become available. If you have any remaining unused lessons, then they may be scheduled at any time and day of the week, as our schedules and availability permit. However, if more than 4 weeks pass after the last completed lesson, then the remaining lessons are forfeited. No exchanges or refunds will be issued.
  • What are payment options?
    Credit cards are accepted and a payment plan is available for the Off-Leash Evolution Program™️!
  • How do I learn more about your programs and secure dates on the calendar?
    Please schedule a Next Step Phone Call, and together, we can discuss any additional questions, prices, and scheduling availability. Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you!
The Incredible K9 Dog Training
Green celebrate.png

Imagine if you could:

  • Train your dog at home, without spending a ton of money

  • Implement a strategy that's actually worth your time and effort

  • Find success without repetitive obedience drills or long walks

  • Teach your dog how to calm down and relax 

(BTW, this is all possible!)

Cut through the chaos and implement this proven training strategy. Teach the skill of relaxation. Find the peace and sanity that you've been looking for!

​There is no need to wait for:

  • The perfect time

  • The perfect price

  • The perfect trainer availability

  • The perfect weather: not too hot, not too cold, not too rainy

  • The perfect season: not during winter storms, not during summer storms

  • The perfect combination of when family members are present and attentive (does that even exist?!)

  • A day off from work... Wait, wouldn't you rather be relaxing on your day off from work?!

Pssst... you can learn on any day, at any time, with this online mini-course!

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Off-Switch System Online Dog Training Kate Walker The Incredible K9
The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

You are capable of making change.

I will help you transform your life with your dog.

When your dog's behavior improves, YOUR life improves.

Welcome to the journey!

The Incredible K9 Kate Walker Dog Training

Fill out the information below to grab your copy of the Off-Switch System!

The price goes up soon!

Off-Switch System Mini-Course by Kate Walker The Incredible K9

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