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Social Dog Mastery™️ will open for enrollment in Summer 2024! Join the Waitlist today!

Social Dog Mastery™️

Social Dog Mastery™️ is a comprehensive, premium program that equips dedicated dog owners with reward- and relaxation-based behavioral training techniques so that they can treat their dog's anxious, fearful, reactive, or aggressive behavior in order to develop or regain calm, polite, and appropriate social skills around other people and other animals.

Social Dog Mastery Online Dog Training Program Kate Walker The Incredible K9

Take training to the next level!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

In the past 3 months, has your dog's behavior been causing you stress?






Do you find yourself thinking:

Do you find yourself thinking?
Behave Better Framework Online Dog Training

Developing your dog's social skills shouldn't feel so difficult.

Hi! I'm Kate Walker!

I understand how frustrating and overwhelming dogs can be when they aren't behaving well.

After founding The Incredible K9, LLC, and training hundreds of dogs in thousands of lessons over the past 10 years, I know that I can help you train your dog, too. My personal experiences and tribulations have helped me innovate and evolve as a dog trainer, for the better... 

Everything changed in my life when two of my dogs were attacked by an aggressive dog at a public park in 2017. As a result, the three of us had physical wounds and emotional challenges. With a high level of empathy, I had to address major behavioral changes (including severe reactivity, fear, anxiety, and antisocial behavior around unfamiliar people and unfamiliar dogs). However, it certainly doesn't take a traumatic event for a dog to behave in an undesired way! Genetics and even a lack of life experiences will always play a role. 

Kate Walker, Professional Dog Trainer, The Incredible K9
IACP Canine Professionals
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Dogs who behave in undesired ways need *help*... These dogs aren't *giving us a hard time*, these dogs are *having a hard time*. That one traumatic event in 2017 sent me on a path to deeply understand social and antisocial behavior in dogs, and to support the people who want to help their dogs overcome behavioral challenges. Now, my training emphasizes and prioritizes the dog’s emotional state and well-being. Any worrisome behavioral problem is linked to an emotional problem. If you think about it, the same is true for humans, too. 

I created Social Dog Mastery™️ because I want to support the people who can't find support elsewhere, and I don't want distance, time, weather, health, or scheduling logistics to be a limiting factor in their ability to learn this system and improve life with their dog. 🎉 

Whether your dog gets too excited, boisterous, or energetic... or too anxious, fearful, or reactive... we will directly address your dog's emotional and social challenges. We will help your dog learn how to be more calm, polite, and appropriate around other people and other animals. If everything else has failed so far, I promise you, my approach to teaching and training dogs will be different than the rest.

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Is Social Dog Mastery™️ right for me and my dog?

Social Dog Mastery™️ is NOT for:

⛔️ People who have not done any training whatsoever, so far, with this dog.

⛔️ People who do not have ~2 hours per week to learn, innovate, evolve, and persevere with their understanding of dog training over the course of the next 2-3 months.

⛔️ People who don't care about the little details involved in solving complex problems and just expect all behavioral problems to be "fixed" by now.

⛔️ People who just want to "send the dog away" so that "someone else can fix this" (rather than becoming highly knowledgeable about their dog's behavior and the imperative training techniques).

Social Dog Mastery™️ is RIGHT for:

✅ People who have not seen improvement in their dog's behavior within the past 3 months and who are tired of being plateaued with their current level of success (or lack of success).

✅ People who have tried at least one other dog training approach with this dog, with another trainer (ie: sit, down, heel, place), but who are still having problems with their dog's behavior around other people or other animals.

✅ People who are ready to "dig in" and commit to a focused behavioral training program that will equip them with the skills and knowledge to support their current dog (and future dogs) for life.

✅ People who are curious and inquisitive (willing to ask questions), and who are dedicated to their goals (willing to change habits and take action, as soon as possible).

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

When guests arrive, does your dog bark at them or jump on them, at least 50% of the time?

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The Incredible K9 Dog Training 5-Star Review Testimonial
The Incredible K9 Dog Training

Does your dog get anxious or reactive when outside the house, at least 2 times per week?

The Incredible K9 Dog Training 5-Star Review Testimonial
The Incredible K9 Dog Training

When your dog directly interacts with unfamiliar people or unfamiliar animals, is your dog skittish or nervous at least 30% of the time?

The Incredible K9 Dog Training 5-Star Review Testimonial
Arrow left right.png
The Incredible K9 Dog Training

Does your dog often bark intensely, with at least 5-10+ intense barks per barking outburst?

The Incredible K9 Dog Training 5-Star Review Testimonial
The Incredible K9 Dog Training

Basically, Social Dog Mastery™️ is right for you if at least one of the following problems applies to your dog...

✅ Your dog's behavior has not improved over the past 3 months.

✅ Your dog barks or growls out the windows, at other people or animals, at least 2x/day.

✅ Your dog gets worried, scared, or reactive when outside the house, at least 2x/week.

✅ Your dog barks at guests or jumps on guests, during at least 50% of all guest visits.

✅ Your dog often barks intensely, with 5-10+ intense barks during each barking outburst.

✅ Your dog does not interact appropriately with other people or other animals 100% of the time.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

If you complete Social Dog Mastery™️, implement the training techniques, and still aren't satisfied with your knowledge of how to support your dog during social experiences, introductions, or interactions, then qualify for our 60-day Money-Back "show your work" Guarantee! Why "show your work?" We are committed to helping you productively socialize your dog around other people and other animals. We also understand that behavioral challenges do not change overnight, and so your dedication to the process is instrumental to the success that's possible. If you haven't done the work and are not following the process, then there is no basis for a refund. Can you commit to the process for 60 days and complete the program? (If so, I think you'll see that's a very good thing! 😉) Extra details are here!

We have a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

I know that you don't want:

To rehome or surrender your dog

For a person or an animal to get hurt

To continue dealing with stressful behavior

Using the Social Confidence Method™️ inside Social Dog Mastery™️, we are going to help your dog learn to be calmer, happier, and more polite around other people and other animals.

Social Dog Mastery™️

Imagine what is possible with Social Dog Mastery™️!

Be the hero in your dog's transformation.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

Are you worried that your dog doesn't get along with other dogs?

The Incredible K9 Dog Training 5-Star Review Testimonial

Learn training techniques (that actually work) to improve your dog's social skills!

From overwhelmed and uncertain to capable and confident.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training
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Social Dog Mastery™️

What's inside?

(A full curriculum!)

Module 1 Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9

In Module 1, you'll evaluate, identify, and prepare for which behavioral problems to tackle first using the MTM Roadmap!

Module 2 Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9

In Module 2, you'll build the foundation for relaxation and all good behavior!

Module 3 Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9

In Module 3, you'll use the Chaotic-to-Calm Protocol to develop emotional resilience and optimism using the Optimist Opportunity Plan!

Module 4 Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9

In Module 4, you'll evaluate your goals and break down big problems into incremental steps with the Incremental Success Plan!

Module 5 Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9

In Module 5, you'll start building very polite and respectful behavior while reducing conflict so that dogs remain resilient to stressors in life.

Module 6 Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9

In Module 6, you'll learn the complete Relaxation Training System to build even more relaxation skills and coping strategies so that your dog learns how to calm down and relax.

Module 7 Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9

In Module 7, set the stage for polite social etiquette and help dogs learn to be more respectful about space, including others' personal space!

Module 8 Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9

In Module 8, combine your knowledge of all techniques so that you can support your dog in more challenging environments: guest arrival, socialization, and more!

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The Incredible K9 Dog Training 5-Star Review Testimonial
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There's more! You'll also get these training plans...


MTM Roadmap

$800 Value

Designed to help you identify, "Where do I even begin?"


Incremental Success Plan

$800 Value

Designed to help you progress, with ease, through increasingly more difficult challenges!


Complete Relaxation Training System

$1,500 Value

Learn the 6 forms of relaxation that benefit any breed of dog, at any age in life (regardless of background and genetics)!


Chaotic-to-Calm Protocol

$800 Value

Learn how to use rewards to build motivation and achieve relaxation!


Optimist Opportunity Plan

$1,000 Value

Help dogs learn to feel safe, secure, and *think good thoughts* when they see and experience things in life!


Scoring Rubric

$500 Value

Learn how to use scientific data and YOUR exact observations to determine "what to do NEXT!" 


B.Change Protocol

$1,200 Value

Create lasting change in dog behavior (for the better)!

Social Dog Mastery The Incredible K9 Dog Training
Blue Pitbull  (1750 × 1200 px) (1).png

Plus, these additional BONUS lessons! 🔥🔥🔥

Off-Switch System mini-course The Incredible K9

Off-Switch System™️ Mini-Course

$395 Value

This technique is incredibly important because it teaches dogs to SELF-regulate their energy, without all of your support and intervention, which is a skill that most dogs are REALLY lacking!

Safety and Success Plan bonus

Safety and Success Plan

$495 Value

Do you need immediate safety and sanity? The simplest way to influence behavior is to change something about the environment (and we could decide on some simple and effective changes, today)!

From Pushy to Polite Bonus

From Pushy to Polite! Protocol

$295 Value

Does your dog get too excited about food, making it difficult to train with food? This bonus breaks down the options for solving antsy, pushy, or impolite behavior around food. 

When guests come knocking Bonus

When Guests Come Knocking!

$495 Value

Does your dog go ripping and running to the door, while barking? Is there just WAY TOO MUCH energy involved with guest arrival? This lesson breaks down 5 strategies to utilize during guest arrival.

You're a Scientist Bonus

Making Training Decisions Alone? You're a Scientist!

$895 Value

In this lesson, we'll break down big goals into incremental steps and decide *what to do* and what *not to do* with your dog. We'll discuss observations and evaluations of undesired dog behavior, because the data/observations are super important!

Door Trick Bonus (800 × 700 px) (1).png

4-Part Threshold Training Plan

$995 Value

Does your dog rush through doorways? Is your dog PUSHY at doorways? Does your dog ever get loose? In these 4 lessons, we'll teach your dog to wait politely and patiently at thresholds (without being told to "sit" or "wait") so that your dog stops plowing through doorways, or dragging you out of the house!

Social Harmony_ Confidence Bonus (800 × 700 px) (1).png

3-Pillar Social Confidence Method™️ Playbook

$495 Value

Break down all of the reward- and relaxation-based training concepts so that you can gain confidence to introduce your dog to other people and dogs again!

Form Friendships Bonus (800 × 700 px).png

Help Dogs Form Friendships! (...especially during Guest Arrival!)

$695 Value

Does it take awhile for your dog to "warm up" to strangers, or guests? Does your dog run toward a guest, but then "skedaddle" backward, growl, bark, retreat, or even jump on them, obsessively? Let's help your dog form friendships, from the get-go!

Reactivity Bonus (800 × 700 px).png

Advanced Techniques for Reactive Behavior

$1,195 Value

Sometimes reactivity feels like a "puzzle" and we need to find the right techniques! This bonus lesson includes advanced techniques for treating persistent, reactive behavior that is either fear-based or arousal-based. 

The Incredible K9 Dog Training 5-Star Review Testimonial

All members receive direct support from Kate!

Social Dog Mastery™️ Facebook Group

Social Dog Mastery™️ {Members Only} Facebook Group

$1,995 Value

Receive 1-on-1 lifetime support and connection from Kate with access to our private Facebook group. The Facebook group allows for quick and easy Q&As, any day of the week! You can share wins and connect with other dog owners who are experiencing the same challenges with their dog, as well! It's a supportive community!

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The total value of Social Dog Mastery™️ is over $18,500!

Strike through cross out (600 x 250 px) (1).png
Pink Arrows.png

But, that's NOT the price. Thank goodness.

Payment plans start at $297!

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

Imagine what life could be like if you would be able to trust your dog to behave well.

What's Included:

Social Dog Mastery™️

Most popular.png

8 Core Training Modules: The Full Curriculum!

($3,995 Value)

7 Training Plans and Protocols

($6,600 Value)

Off-Switch System™️ Mini-Course

($395 Value)

Safety and Success Plan

($495 Value)

From Pushy to Polite Protocol

($295 Value)

Green checkmark
Green checkmark
Green checkmark
Green checkmark
Green checkmark

When Guests Come Knocking!

($495 Value)

Green checkmark

Making Training Decisions Alone? You're a Scientist!

($895 Value)

Green checkmark

4-Part Threshold Training Plan

($995 Value)

3-Pillar Social Confidence Method™️ Playbook

($495 Value)

Green checkmark
Green checkmark

Help Dogs Form Friendships! (...especially during Guest Arrival!) 

($695 Value)

Green checkmark

Advanced Techniques for Reactive Behavior

($1,195 Value)

Access to the {Members Only} Facebook Group

($1,995 Value)

Coaching, with direct support from Kate!


Green checkmark
Green checkmark
Green checkmark

Total Value: $18,500+

But, that's NOT the price! Payment plans start at $297!

Questions FAQs.png

Questions? Check out these FAQs!

  • How far do you travel?
    I travel within 30 minutes of my home in Pleasant Gap, PA 16823!
  • Do you train really difficult or challenging dogs?
    Yes, I do! I recommend my behavioral training program, Social Dog Mastery™️ for dogs who display any of these behaviors: 1. More intense reactivity, leash aggression 2. Undesired behavior toward other dogs, kids, cats, livestock, vets, etc 3. General anxiety, confinement anxiety (crate), car anxiety 4. Thunderstorm phobia, sound sensitivity (fireworks, etc), fearfulness 5. Difficulty with guest arrival (growling, barking, charging toward, etc)
  • Do you train puppies?
    Yes! The Loose Leash Foundation Program™️ is suitable for puppies 6 months and older. The Off-Leash Evolution Program™️ is suitable for puppies 9 months and older.
  • Does training cost more for multiple dogs?
    If you own multiple dogs, who all live together and who need training, then additional dogs are added at a discounted rate. We can discuss the dynamics in a multi-dog household during a Next Step Phone Call! :)
  • Do my dog's vaccinations need to be up-to-date?
    Yes. Prior to your very first in-home lesson, the contract and up-to-date vaccination records will need to be submitted online. I require all dogs to be vaccinated, and up-to-date, against Rabies and Distemper/Parvo (Distemper/Parvo is commonly listed as DA2PP, DH2PP, DA2PPC, or DAPP). These are routine vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations (copy of vet bill will suffice) may be attached to the contract, or emailed to me as an attachment (especially if the file is too big to attach to the contract). You can take a photo of your vet bill with your cell phone and attach that photo to the contract (or email that photo), as long as the vet bill can still easily be read. If you are unable to get up-to-date vaccination records, online programs could be a great option for you! Otherwise, feel free to send me an email with your concerns:
  • How are lessons scheduled on the calendar?
    We will determine a time and day of the week that is available for both of us, and then this time is blocked off on the calendar, for many weeks, as "your time." For example, imagine that Mondays from 1:00pm-2:30pm works for both of us. This time will be “your time” every Monday, from 1:00-2:30pm, for the duration of the training program. So, if we were completing the Loose Leash Foundation Program™️, then we’ll complete 3 lessons together within 4 weeks time, so I'll reserve "your time" for 4 back-to-back weeks. That extra week allows us to have some “wiggle room” to “skip” a week if severe weather, holiday travel, or illness interfere with our training efforts on any given week. Blocking off "your time" also allows for a consistent, predictable, weekly training time without always needing to “check the schedule”.
  • What happens if a lesson needs to be canceled or changed?
    We are all too busy, too sick, or traveling, at times! That’s life, and it’s completely understandable! Lessons can be changed or canceled with more than 24 hours in advance by emailing me: If you know that you'll need to change a lesson, then please let me know as soon as possible. Because we have an extra week of time built into the timeline, when conflicts arise, a week may just need to be “skipped” and we’ll resume again the following week, at our regular time. Lessons are often skipped around the holidays and the timeline is adjusted/lengthened to accommodate any necessary holiday time off.
  • What happens if I don’t use all of my program lessons within the timeline?
    If all lessons aren’t used within the allotted timeline, then you may lose that predictable weekly time slot, because another client may be waiting for that lesson time to become available. If you have any remaining unused lessons, then they may be scheduled at any time and day of the week, as our schedules and availability permit. However, if more than 4 weeks pass after the last completed lesson, then the remaining lessons are forfeited. No exchanges or refunds will be issued.
  • What are payment options?
    Credit cards are accepted and a payment plan is available for the Off-Leash Evolution Program™️!
  • How do I learn more about your programs and secure dates on the calendar?
    Please schedule a Next Step Phone Call, and together, we can discuss any additional questions, prices, and scheduling availability. Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you!
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I help dedicated dog owners develop their dog's calm, polite, and appropriate social skills by teaching reward- and relaxation-based training techniques.

From overwhelmed and uncertain to skilled, confident, and capable. 

Be the hero in your dog's transformation!

Social Dog Mastery Online Dog Training Program Kate Walker The Incredible K9
The Incredible K9 Dog Training
Kate Walker The Incredible K9 Dog Training

So, if you've read this far, then you have 2 options:

Option 1) Keep doing what you're already doing.

Option 2) Take action, enroll in Social Dog Mastery™️ and drastically transform your life!

New actions, new results! You're ready for change!

  • You're ready to experience life with a more easy-going and relaxed dog.

  • You're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your dog.

  • You're ready to start taking action, using a proven behavioral training system.

  • You're ready to get to the root of the problem and actually address the issues that exist.

  • You're ready for a way to get there with less stress, less frustration, and more ease.

  • You're ready for Social Dog Mastery™️.

  • You're ready for change!

Social Dog Mastery™️ The Incredible K9
Pink Emphasis

While Social Dog Mastery™️ is currently closed to the public, you can register for my FREE Socialization Masterclass to receive an exclusive invitation to enroll:

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