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The Incredible K9 Dog Training

Max, Golden Retriever

The work that we did with Max really paid off! We went camping over the past couple of weeks and we were the campground hosts of the pet camping area. Before training Max, we had many situations where he made us, as well as other campers, a little uneasy. He was reactive to other people and dogs. Now, he is the talk of the campground and we have been approached by many other pet owners who comment on his good behavior! As you know, Max is my best friend and I was worried about his behavior, but it all paid off and he is so much more relaxed and calm around other dogs. I am proud to walk with him now, and Mary can go for a walk with him instead of being dragged around on the leash. Max and I are both much happier! Thanks so much, and please share my story.

Bucky and Mary C.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training
Winston, Hound Mix


Winston is an energetic boy who loves to play, smell, run and jump, and didn’t particularly care what you wanted him to do when asked. Our two cats were constantly in hiding and would only come around when he was in his crate during the night. Taking him to our family’s homes, the park or hiking trails was never a pleasant experience. He would pull on the leash constantly on walks, run around the house chasing the cats and jump on you when you entered the door. I found myself apologizing for his behavior all of the time and starting leaving him at home more and more...


We contacted Kate at the Incredible K9 after watching her videos on YouTube and reading through her website.  Her training philosophy really resonated with us, and we thought the training would be a great investment in our dog.  

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

I’m so happy that we decided to train with the Incredible K9. It was money that was very well spent and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a well behaved dog! I never felt that she was rushing us and really spent the time and effort going over all of the details and answering all of our questions. Not only did we notice an immediate difference in Winston’s behavior, but so did our family, neighbors, and cats! He was calm, he walked nicely on a leash, and his overall energy and anxiety decreased immensely. Our one cat comes around much more often now and the other cat is slowly warming up to this new and improved Winston. Taking him to our family’s homes is such a pleasure, now. We are constantly getting compliments on how well behaved our dog is.  

I honestly cannot thank Kate enough for the transformation of Winston. She has been so helpful! It truly is The Incredible K9!


Michelle and Mike M.

Cooper, Goldendoodle


Cooper is a lovable, energetic, and highly intelligent pup; he was also blatantly disobedient. Family and friends didn't want to come to our house because he lunged at them and jumped all over them. The few times they were here, they left with scratches from his overzealous attacks! Cooper also chased our two cats, put his mouth all over them, and completely ignored their loud protests. As a result, they no longer left the bedroom where they slept. If anyone brought a dog to the house, he immediately jumped on it. Cooper would only come when called if he felt like it, so we could never let him off of the leash (including in the house!). Additionally, Cooper barked incessantly at neighbors, strange sounds, animals, and vehicles.  He also ruined several pieces of furniture because of chewing. He grew rather quickly into an 80-pound pup, which is when we realized we couldn't physically control him anymore. We even questioned whether he could continue to live with us. We had previously worked with a different trainer, but still hadn't achieved the results we needed. 

The Incredible K9 Dog Training
This is when we made the best decision for Cooper and our family: Kate Walker and The Incredible K9! The transformation of Cooper in just one month was stunning! Our family now enjoys visiting as Cooper no longer jumps on them or barks at them. And, no more ruined furniture, as he only chews what he's permitted to chew! He has been great on-leash and off-leash; he comes every time he's called! Not only are we happier, but so is Cooper: he's no longer getting in trouble all of the time! We were able to shape Cooper's behaviors and help him become the dog we wanted and needed him to be. I was thrilled with the results! Kate taught us how to interact with him to get the desired results and it worked! He now interacts positively with our cats and is respectful and polite! He's a much happier dog and we are much happier owners! Thanks, Kate!


Jill G.

Scout, Bernese Mountain Dog


I live in Switzerland where regulations reign supreme! And these rules apply not only to people, but also to pets, so I knew buying and raising a puppy here would take serious dog training! After completing the country's mandatory training classes I knew I'd have to continue improving the behavior of my puppy so that she'd live up to Swiss standards--which is no small feat! Time to bring in a professional! 


I reached out to Kate to help with the behavior of my 6-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Scout. Because I live in Switzerland and Kate lives in Pennsylvania, we had to get creative addressing Scout's training.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training

I sent Kate an overwhelmingly long email listing all of the issues I wanted to fix and she wrote me back telling me that this was possible! I was dubious at first, but Kate sent me detailed videos illustrating exactly how I should teach and reinforce each behavior. By following Kate's instructions and holding Scout to a high standard on the basics, many of the others issues Scout had resolved themselves. 


You would think that dog training would be difficult over long distance, but Kate used every technology available to make sure we had the same experience as one of her in-person clients. We Skyped, sent videos clips back and forth, and were in constant communication via email (even when she was on vacation!). Kate is an amazing dog trainer, but more importantly she knows how to communicate training techniques to dog owners. Kate gave me the tools I need to train Scout on my own, and now my puppy is turning into the all-star Swiss citizen I knew she would! Thank you Kate!


Lindsey F.

Annie, Labrador Retriever


Thank you for helping to mold Annie into the fantastic pup that she is! Your knowledge and intuition with dogs is top notch. We are so appreciative of you, Kate!


Megan Z.

The Incredible K9 Dog Training
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