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The Benefits of Online Dog Training

You can learn how to improve your dog's bad behavior, no matter where you live, with online courses!

There is no need to:

✅ get updated vaccinations

✅ get a stool sample tested by the vet

✅ leave your house

✅ clean your house

✅ find a babysitter

✅ drive anywhere with your dog

✅ take time off from work

✅ reschedule due to weather or illness

✅ wait for trainer availability

✅ have an unfamiliar trainer visit your home

With online courses, I am teaching the SAME content through videos and PDFs that I would be teaching in-person.

The benefit of videos and PDFs (which are provided in the online courses) are that you can:

✨ Start the lessons today!

✨ Continue at your own pace. There is no need to wait weeks between lessons!

✨ Start a lesson whenever you are able to (10:00pm? 7:00am?)

✨ Pause a lesson whenever you need to (kids, dogs, work?)

✨ Speed up a video or slow down a video (which you can’t do to a real-life talking dog trainer)

✨ Take notes while you learn (which is too difficult to do while managing a dog on a leash)

✨ Rewatch a video (repetition is so beneficial in learning)

✨ Repeat the entire course when you’re done, if you’d like!

✨ Reread a PDF (private lessons just don’t have the amount of in-depth information as what’s provided in the online courses!)

Plus, save money! Online training is far cheaper than in-person training. Either way, in-person, or online, you’ll need to do the work with your dog. Weigh the pros and cons and let me know if you have any questions!

I invite you to register for my FREE online dog training class, HERE!

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