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4 Pieces of Advice ❤️ Surgery, Medical Care, Health

Here are 4 random pieces of advice, currently on my mind, in no specific order: 1) If your dog needs to remain at a veterinarian's office the night following surgery, make sure that there is overnight supervision (24-hour employee coverage). If there isn't, use a different vet for that surgery. 2) Don't be intimidated to get second opinions on vet care and any medical diagnosis, especially when significant decisions are "on the table". It is perfectly acceptable to use multiple veterinarians. (I do!) 3) Many allergies, and illness, begin with an imbalance in the gut. If your dog has cancer, immediately consider switching to raw food, which is low in sugar and carbohydrates. Consider supplementing vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and detoxing the body. Ideally, switch to raw food before your dog has cancer. And, if you are feeding kibble, check out this post for advice on choosing the best kibble for your dog. 4) If your dog has any medical issues, and/or you'd like to find holistic approaches to health, "Homemade Hope for Dogs-Holistic Healing for Cancer and Illness" is an incredible Facebook support group. Holistic approaches are great for hot spots, arthritis, ear infections, cuts, allergies, imbalances, cancer, etc. All for now! Kate

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