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Rockin' the fanny pack

Are you prepared? Is your wife prepared? Is your husband prepared? Is anyone-involved-in-supervising-the-dog prepared? "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." ~ Bobby Unser Lack of preparation is 1 fault in the training program. After 2 or 3 faults, a tried-and-true training program is no longer effective. It becomes "some other training program"... or your "modified training program"... or an "unproven training program". And, with a difficult dog, potential faults and modifications to the training program can very easily cost you overwhelming success. One piece of the training puzzle, that you can absolutely control, is your degree of preparation. Don't allow a simple factor to negate overwhelming success. Are you prepared, with your tools, always? If you own a more difficult dog, or if you have more specific training goals, preparation and consistency is absolutely vital! Here's a quick-tip YouTube video on preparation!

✅And, my favorite necessities are linked here. All for now! Kate

P.S. A huge shoutout to my mentor Mark McCabe!

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