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Trust versus respect

I'm sure that your dog trusts you. He trusts you to provide:

  • food

  • water

  • shelter

  • warmth

  • affection

  • comfort

And I'm sure that you do provide those things! Does your dog respect you? If your dog respects you, he'll stop doing something when you expect him to stop doing something. He would stop:

  • jumping on you

  • jumping on guests

  • demanding attention

  • barking incessantly

  • pulling you down the street

  • growling at you

  • biting at you

  • guarding toys

  • guarding food

  • jumping on the counter

  • jumping on furniture

If your dog does not respect you, then we've got to implement some structure and adjust routine in order to change this dynamic... to improve this relationship. Here are a couple tips:

  1. Utilize the crate when you're too busy to supervise.

  2. Allow your dog to drag a leash around the house, so that you are capable of addressing nonsense.

  3. Supervise your dog in the yard... he might not be capable of making great decisions out there alone. Leaders go out with their pack, they don't send them out alone.

  4. Implement loose leash walking. It is a great exercise to practice... to shift and improve the human-canine relationship. Travel on your terms, not the dog's terms.

All for now! Kate

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