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Building and rebuilding relationships

It takes time to build a relationship.

It takes time to rebuild a relationship. A dog doesn't just forget 4 months or 4 years of pulling, barking, jumping, nonsense. These behaviors took time to develop and intensify, so new behaviors will take time to solidify, as well. Your dog knows the old patterns, the old you, the old lifestyle... Dogs are aware that they've practiced certain behaviors with certain people in certain environments. So, we'll need to be consistent with our expectations that the same rules apply at all times, and in both new and old, previously patterned environments. With training, we will establish new patterns and relationships by implementing more structure and higher expectations for calm behavior. But, the hard work starts at home... Tip: Start practicing in areas of little to no distraction so your dog can adjust to the new relationship and the new expectations. Your dog has associations with you and your home environment. We will need to change those associations. Our habits will need to change if we expect our dog's habits to change, and it takes time and patience to achieve what we want. When things aren't perfect, I consider it as a challenging training opportunity, not a failed attempt. Never test. Always train.

All for now! Kate

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