Frequently Asked Questions


What makes my programs and approach different and more effective?

The Incredible K9 offers efficient and effective problem solving through state of mind behavior training. We don't just rehearse tricks or bribe with treats, we fundamentally improve the dog's emotional state of mind. By cultivating new habits, teaching relaxation and perception modification, training calmness instead of excitability, and reinforcing desired free behavior, we are consistently successful with difficult dogs. We'll create an advanced communication system between human and dog. We'll help your dog build confidence around triggers and stimuli, like people, cars, children, dogs, and small animals… and address the underlying issues of excitability, reactivity, insecurity, and anxiety.

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What is the difference between behavioral training and obedience training?

Behavioral training involves teaching your dog to relax and not react to overwhelming stimuli in the environment. Obedience training involves teaching your dog to respond to cues or commands, including “sit”, and “down”. Issuing an obedience command is not always a solution for psychological or emotional difficulties, such as anxiety and aggression. An obedient dog, who’s not well-behaved, will always require human direction, rather than making appropriate decisions and choices as an individual. If your dog struggles with impulsive, anxious, adrenalized behavior, then behavioral training will be incredible for you and your dog. Behavioral training focuses on helping your dog become more emotionally flexible, resilient, and optimistic.

How do I know which training program is right for my dog?

Deciding if your dog would benefit from the Foundation Program, the Extended Foundation Program, or the Complete Control Program is based on two main factors: your goals, and the lifestyle of your family. The Foundation Program is our most popular program, and all programs include behavioral training and on-leash training. The Extended Foundation Program and the Complete Control Program includes off-leash training. Through these programs, you are becoming a highly skilled and knowledgable dog owner and handler. You will receive coaching and support throughout the entire process. If you feel most comfortable with me introducing and implementing some advanced behavior training routines and exercises, or even want to take advantage of the opportunity that a week-long vacation provides, then the Complete Control and Board and Train Program will "jump-start" you on the right path to success. I will introduce and implement the training routines with your dog, and then teach you how to continue improving from that foundation.

What are the advantages of training with The Incredible K9?

There are many advantages! You will receive:

  • Private lessons catered to your dog's needs.

  • Experienced handling instruction and demonstrations to establish new expectations and routine.

  • A free step-by step Behavior Training Packet, which includes protocols, instructions, and review.

  • Access to private YouTube videos for you and the family to watch at home.

  • Access to "The Incredible K9 Support" private Facebook group.

  • Any necessary training collar, leash, and treat pouch.

  • Phone and email support.

  • Structured, positive socialization experiences with other dogs.