How to Resolve Your Dog's Behavioral Challenges

With Less Stress and More Success

Behave Better Framework Online Dog Training Class

Hi! I'm Kate!

I'm a dog trainer who helps dedicated dog owners resolve minor or major behavioral problems... anything from "my dog gets too excited around the kids" to "my dog has bitten the neighbor"...

I've lived with animals for my entire life, and I inevitably make fashion, furniture, and interior design choices based on dog hair and muddy paws.

Kate Walker The Incredible K9 Professional Dog Trainer

I've got degrees in Animal Sciences and Science Education, but I became an entrepreneur as a result of owning difficult dogs, myself. Nowadays, I share my dog training knowledge and skills with more people than just those who are capable of driving to my home in Pennsylvania.

I hope that you enjoyed the free class!

Kate Walker

Creator, Behave Better Framework