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The Incredible K9 Dog Training Kate Walker Review Testimonial
The Incredible K9 Dog Training Kate Walker Review Testimonial
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Private 1-on-1 Lessons

Private 1-on-1 lessons are suitable for both puppies and adult dogs, and are focused on addressing specific areas of your dog’s life that need a calming influence! We will help your dog develop resilience and composure around triggers and challenge stimuli, including people, cars, children, dogs, other animals, and more... 
Private lessons are great for puppies and adult dogs that have high energy, hyperactivity, anxiety, aggression, an inability to settle and relax inside or outside, reactivity toward dogs, people, noises, or objects, and/or poor leash manners. Private lessons are also excellent for dogs who are fearful or anxious, and who may be overwhelmed, adrenalized, or intimidated by stimuli in the world. Dogs who need behavioral training may bark out the window, "get into trouble", have difficulty with handling or grooming, who may do poorly at the veterinarian’s office, want to chase moving objects, kids, and animals, may have difficulty with guest arrival, who won’t stop jumping on or mouthing owners or guests, who pull hard on the leash, who pant, tremble, whine, or bark in the car or crate, and/or have gotten into a dog fight, etc. Behavioral training significantly improves and resolves minor, major, pesky, or persistent problems.
During private lessons, we will develop your dog’s ability to see the world as an optimist, to regulate emotions and energy levels when seeing stimulating things, to greet guests politely, and to relax inside and outside of the house around noises, objects, movement, etc in the environment. Alternatively, with these lessons, we can focus on leash manners, coming when called, or door manners, so that your dog doesn’t pull you around, run off, or dart out the door. 
Overall, behavioral training prioritizes the dog’s emotional state and helps dogs learn to truly relax in moments when they’d otherwise be adrenalized. We teach reward and relaxation training techniques, without relying on obedience (ie: sit, down) to solve behavioral problems. With behavioral training, we regularly solve problems that others deem "unsolvable". 
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The 1-on-1 Training Plan


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