Dog Socials 

A dog social offers valuable socialization, exposure, and structured exercise in a controlled setting. Dog socials are valuable for any dog who needs to gain positive experiences in life. Dogs improve their social skills and behavior by being around other dogs in a positive and controlled environment. Dog socials focus on creating positive social dynamics between dogs while they are freely greeting, interacting, and playing together.

  • ​Socialize your dog in a controlled, safe environment​
  • Fulfill basic needs for dog social interactions​
  • Help your dog develop appropriate, friendly play​​​
  • Meet other like-minded individuals in the community​
Dog Social Requirements
  1. Adult dogs and puppies must have received age appropriate vaccines and a clear fecal exam that was tested within the past 6 months. 

    • Please email proof of vaccines and fecal exam to:, or upload the documentation within the Contract.

  2. Prior to the day of the social, submit the Contract, here:​​

  3. Dogs must not be showing signs of coughing or sneezing, or have loose stools.

  4. On the day of the social, arrive ~10 minutes early to settle and calm your dog. 

  5. Dogs must wear a standard flat buckle collar.

  6. Dogs must be on-leash. Leashes must be a maximum of 6' long. Retractable leashes are NOT permitted.

  7. Do NOT allow dogs to meet on-leash. No nose-to-nose greetings allowed upon arrival. 

  8. Do NOT talk to, touch, or hold eye contact with others' dogs. You may talk to the humans!

  9. Enter the fenced-in yard and respect 10-20' of space around other dogs.

  10. You may use treats to reward your own dog, at any time.

  11. Please bring waste bags and clean up after your dog.

  12. Only one dog per handler. Family members are welcome, but participants must be 18 years old, or older.

  13. Dogs will be unleashed only upon direction from Kate Walker, and then Kate will support dogs' choices throughout the duration of the social.