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Prior to our in-person evaluation, please:

✅ Review important details, outlined below and linked here.

✅ Submit the online contract and vaccine documentation.

Home Address
  • 110 Whitman Circle, Pleasant Gap, PA 16823

  • The evaluation will be at my home, at this address.

  • There is a white vinyl picket fence on the side of the house. The home address is on a lamp post at the end of the driveway.

  • You may park on the street in front of the house.

Important Information
  • All lesson times are scheduled by appointment only. 

  • I will meet you outside when you arrive. You can call or text me when you arrive: 570-295-5793, or you may just wait in your car until our scheduled appointment time.

  • If you are running more than 5 minutes late, please call or text as soon as you know that your arrival time has changed. 

  • If you are significantly ahead of schedule, and need to pass a significant amount of time, there is a Uni-Mart about half a mile from my home, but there are no public restrooms. Within a 7 minute drive, near the Nittany Mall, there is a Sheetz, McDonalds, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, etc.

  • When you arrive, remain in your vehicle with your dog until you see me exit the house to meet you. (Due to the nature of a home environment, I need to ensure that all dogs on the property are inside and secure, or that dogs visiting for an appointment time prior to your appointment time are secure again in the owner's vehicle). I will wave to you, or text you, when all other dogs are secure and we are able to begin.

  • Please leash your dog before your dog exits your vehicle. 

  • If your dog is uncomfortable around humans, feel free to leave your dog in your vehicle until we meet. If your dog has ever bitten a human, then I may require that your dog be muzzled prior to exiting the vehicle. I prefer the Baskerville Ultra brand muzzle. 

  • We can potty your dog and then come inside the fenced-in yard. Your dog will most likely be able to run around the fenced-in yard, off-leash, but please keep a hold of the leash until any directions are received.

  • Thank you for understanding! Safety is so important!

  • I often use dog food/treats during an evaluation. If your dog has food sensitivities, please provide me with a sandwich bag of your preferred dog food/treats at the beginning of the evaluation.

  • The contract and vaccine documentation only needs to be submitted once, and must be submitted online at any time prior to the evaluation, here: www.theincrediblek9.com/clients

  • It is preferred that initial vaccine documentation is electronically submitted within the contract form, but you may submit a paper copy on the day of the evaluation, or email any documentation to: theincrediblek9@gmail.com

COVID-19 Protocol
  • Hand sanitizer is available to use at any time, and I will handle all gate latches and door knobs.

  • Dress warmly (gloves, hats, boots with traction). If the weather allows, we will train outside instead of inside. 

  • When outside, masks are not required. When inside, masks should be worn (covering the nose and mouth).

  • We will stand 6'+ apart whenever possible.

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Thank you, and I look forward to working with you and your dog!

- Kate Walker