Training Benefits

A well-trained, reliable dog is a pleasure to own!

A structured walk in stimulating environments:


A structured walk is important for developing a respectful relationship between a dog and a handler. The walk can be on-leash or off-leash.

Calm behavior when guests arrive:


A calm, confident dog that has been trained in a home-life environment around typical day-to-day distractions knows how to just sit back and relax in "place" when guests arrive! Place can be used in many situations, as demonstrated in this video.

"This training was totally worth it...

This is amazing!!"


- Lynn K. after her dog's Foundation Program completion


Off-leash reliability:


As demonstrated in this video, we train dogs to be off-leash reliable, to come when called, and to just calmly relax and enjoy the day. We want you to be able to have fun with your dog!

Polite, courteous behavior at thresholds:


Threshold work helps to cultivate impulse control. Dogs develop a calm, polite, and courteous state of mind before exiting a house, a car, or a crate.

"I can't even begin to tell you how much more 

fun Cooper is now!!

I'm speechless!! 

You have a gift!!"


- Jill G. after Cooper's Board and Train